Spider Web Tattoos Designs And Ideas

Spider web tattoos don’t always mean you like spiders. Spider webs represent a lot of things to different people and have historical as well as popular implications. A spider web tattoo can symbolize strength, struggle, nature, death or the web of life

For a long time, spider web tattoos were mostly limited to outlaw or prison culture, according to Tattoo Designs and Symbols, but they have become mainstream.

A spider web tattoo can represent struggle, especially if there’s something caught in it. Getting a web with a struggling fly can signify struggles or fights you’ve faced, be it jail time, drug addiction or just the day-to-day fight to survive. A spider on its web approaching prey is a more sinister version of a web tattoo showing the inevitability of death. These tattoos look great on the arms or upper back and can come in different sizes.

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One of the most popular elbow tattoo designs, is the spider web tattoo design. There are many stories and perceptions behind spider web elbow tattoo meanings. The most common and traditional meaning of spider web tattoo on an elbow is, that the person who has it has served some time of his life in jail or in prison. It has also been associated as an old Navy tattoo, for the sailors who used to get it inked, meant that it’s been so long they haven’t returned home that cobwebs have come up. It is also used to represent a person’s state of mind if he feels trapped in life.

Black Widow
The black widow makes a great tattoo because of the lethal implications. Black widows are the most poisonous and probably the most recognizable spiders in the world. A tattoo of a black widow on its web can show your risky or dangerous nature, or appreciation of the beauty of death. Black widows are small, shiny black spiders with red hourglass figures on their posteriors. They make great tattoos on the feet, hands or wrist, especially on a small web.

Spider-Man tattoos would not be complete without a spider web. Getting intricate web designs on your back, arms or legs, especially with a red background shows you’re a true fan of the comic book and big screen hero. Spider-Man’s signature symbol is a web across the chest with a stylized spider in the middle. Of course, he’s wearing an outfit, but getting a spider web tattoo in the style of Spider-Man could be a statement about your heroism.

In popular culture, today, the Spider and its web represent a force that’s even more treacherous. You only need to observe it processing innocent victims caught in its web to know that it’s a deadly, blood-sucking carnivore. It’s no surprise that evil, flesh eating Spiders are the life-blood of comic book characters, children’s games, and ghost stories. They spell terror and fatal entrapment, and every one who loves a horror story, loves Spiders.

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Transforming Web
The spider web itself is an artful, intricate pattern that allows tattoo artists to design and manipulate it to extraordinary levels. Full-back or torso tattoos of spider web shapes and designs are beautiful pieces of art. Web patterns can slowly transform across the tattoo to turn into a building or butterflies or something else you like to show freedom from a struggle or simply how things change.
The spider tattoo has also achieved special status within prison and gang tattooing and in the symbol language of prison and gang tattoo, spiders and spider-webs give important information about the length of a prisoner’s sentence and even their crimes.

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