How To Choose the Best Pretty Tattoos for Women

Gone are the days when tattooing was considered taboo and inked by women who had either no respect for society or were completely without morals. With the passage of time, pretty tattoos for women have become very popular and most women can get tattoos done on their bodies without worrying about a dirty tag being attached against their names.

This change in attitudes towards tattooing by women has been achieved by the beautiful and well known female celebrities. When the youth icons started sporting tattoos, it became acceptable in society and there was no longer a stigma attached to it. In fact, tattooing is now a bold fashion statement and women are free to choose designs which are very pretty and popular.

While tattoos can be fantastic & beautiful, they can also be hideous & embarrassing. This article will tell you about the sort of things you need to consider before you get a tattoo, how to pick a design, how to choose a tattoo artist & how to look after it once it’s done.
It is natural to like pretty tattoos for women. These tattoos are very delicate and feminine.

They are usually small in size and are inked with soft and slimmer lines. They are not like the bold and flashy designs sported by the males. Some women however prefer to make a bold fashion statement and make detailed and macho designs on their lower backs and arms. Tattoos therefore are a portrayal of the emotions and feelings of women. They signify whether the woman is of a gentle nature or very vibrant and wild. There is always a deeper meaning behind every tattoo that a women inks on her body.

Look through tattoo magazines or websites that have various tattoo pictures. Look for something small and pretty but that you can live with having at 80 years old.
Pick a good spot. I think large tattoos down the forearm, neck and top of back are all manly spots. Pick a spot such as the top of breast, lower back, mid-thigh and ankle.

Watch out for tattoos that may portray you as someone you are not. If you don’t want men to think that you are loose, don’t get a tattoo on your lower back that says ‘enter here’. Seek the advice of friends and family who may suggest something that you haven’t thought of before.

Among the different types of pretty tattoos for women, star tattoos are very significant. A woman might love to shine like a star or use the symbol to signify the passing away of an important member in her life. Just like stars, flowers too look very pretty on a woman’s body. Flowers can be inked in a variety of colors and designs which add to the beauty of a woman. Roses, hibiscus, lily and lotus are the flowers used to denote eternal love for the loved ones. Fairies and butterflies are also popular tattoos which are very colorful and full of meaning.

Some women have no yearning for the girly tattoos but love the more masculine tribal and Celtic tattoos. These tattoos are inked in bold lines and can be really intricate in design. But most of the community opts for pretty tattoos for women which includes the heart tattoo too. Hearts are usually inked in red and openly declare your love for your partner.

They even have names inscribed within the hearts to add deeper meaning to it. But all these pretty tattoos for women can look good only when they are crafted by a good tattoo artist. He will be able to bring about the beauty of the designs by his dexterity and experience.

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