Tribal Lettering Tattoos Designs And Ideas

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes one word is all that is needed to say everything. For example, in case of memorial tattoos, the best option is a name or a date. No image can be as specific or more meaningful than the name of the person. Or if your tattoo is a dedication to someone important, like your mom, child, or that someone special, a print tattoo is the perfect choice. Even slogans that represent your attitude in life can be imprinted as tattoos.

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Tattoo lettering essentially reflects the style and attitude of the wearer to a very large extent. It emphasizes on projecting the image of the wearer in whatever way that is desired. Essentially a lettered tattoo may comprise of various fonts and writing styles.

These tattoo fonts are large in variety and can thus be selected accordingly depending upon the needs of the individual. Needs vary differently for different individuals. Owing to the large number of available fonts, each and every individual gets to choose his or her most preferred style. Tattoo lettering is relatively a new art as compared to the traditional designing trends that have been around.

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There are various trends that are used by people across the world when considering lettering for tattoos. Simple alphabets that form the initials of an individual can very appropriately emphasize on the dedication of an individual towards some one that is important. A single or particular word, in any language including English, can have a very deep and equally powerful meaning. A word may also refer to some incident that happened in the past and may also refer to a very special memory. Alphabets these days form an integral part of various tattoo designs and arts.

It is crucial to remember that a tattoo is a permanent mark and even if you have the best tattoo design or wording, not choosing the right tattoo lettering style can ruin the whole effect. You have to make sure the tattoo lettering font is clear. You don’t want people to have to ask you what your tattoo says when it’s all over your arm!

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A tattoo lettering font can also be selected from the numerous tribal lettering fonts that are available. Tribal tattoos and designs are generally symbols and alphabets of the language of various tribes, both ancient and modern, from across the world. These fonts are exemplary in nature and fantabulous to look at. They give the tattoo wearer a look of mystery and adventure. Various pictures of tattoo lettering and flash tattoo lettering are available through out the Internet and also with tattoo designers across the world. An individual who wishes to get a tattoo done should browse through these pictures and then decide upon the final design and lettering according to his or her taste.

Tattoo Lettering Styles and Designs
Tattoo lettering styles and designs are characterized by bold black lines, sharp points, different patterns, and dense curves. There is a wide variety of tattoo styles of writing to choose from like Celtic, Japanese, Old English, Tribal, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi etc. But the most popular choices are the Old English or black letter and Chinese writing tattoo styles.

In tattoo lettering, cursive fonts have a handwritten style and are usually inclined and have strokes that extend into swashes.

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Tattoo Text
Some people choose to have words or names tattooed on their body as a way to memorialize a loved one or proclaim their devotion to a living companion. Words or phrases may also be chosen to represent a life philosophy such as “live, love, laugh” or “one day at a time.” Whatever the reason for these permanent markings, the website for “Smithsonian” magazine reports that humans have been adorning their bodies with tattoos of letters and symbols for thousands of years.

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Tattoo Lettering Font
Besides the tattoo lettering styles and designs, it is also important to consider tattoo lettering fonts as well. The font plays a crucial role in the tattoo to looking visually pleasing (and legible!) While considering the font, pay special attention to the text that is to be written, the number of words, and the body part where it is to be written. There are different types of tattoo lettering fonts available, and it is best to stencil it on the body part before starting the tattoo. You should take into consideration the advice of the tattoo artist while choosing the font. Usually, tattoo lettering script does not look good in a small font, because with age, the tattoo’s legibility goes down. Hence, most tattoo artists advise against using a small font.

Tattoo Lettering Ideas
Even though it is important to consider the tattoo lettering style and fonts, what is more important is to consider the text to be written.

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