Flaming Card Tattoos Designs And Ideas

Flaminging Card Tattoos – Playing cards are often featured in a multitude of tattoo designs. And the tattoo designs make full use of many of the symbols to be found in a deck of cards, all the way from the Ace of Spades, to the Queen of Hearts, to the ‘wild’ Joker.

The modern pack of playing cards can be traced back to Medieval Europe, when cards were a dalliance of the rich. Printing techniques eventually made mass production possible so that playing cards became popular with common folk as well. A deck of cards consisted of ‘royals’ (also called ‘court’ cards), comprised of King, Queen and Knight (later termed ‘Jack’) – and number cards ranging from the 2 (deuce) to 10.

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The Ace, which derived from the Latin for the ‘smallest coinage’, took the lowest value of one. The four suits, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs (originally cups, swords, coins and batons) came in two colours, red and black. In the 1500s, a pack became standardized to the 52 cards we have today.

Playing card tattoo designs are often symbols or amulets of luck. And all of us could use a little good luck. Playing card tattoo designs may feature a number of different cards, perhaps a winning Poker hand like four Aces or a Royal Flush or they may feature a single card which has special significance like the Queen of Hearts, Joker or Ace of Spades.

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Card games, by their very nature, tend to rely as much on luck as on the skill of the card player. Of course that has never stopped a daring few from trying to make a living as professional gamblers, also known as ‘card sharps’. And judging from the growing popularity of games such as Poker, many of us identify with gamblers and the ability to make your own luck.

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