Card Tattoos Designs And Ideas

A common subject for tattoo artists around the world, the playing card tattoo design utilizes one of the standard 52 cards of the playing card deck as the image of the tattoo. Often symbolizing elements of chance and risk, the tattooing of playing card designs have become popular in recent decades. With carefully consideration of the symbolism behind each playing card, as well as the specific suits, numbers or “face cards” that appeal to you, you can best select a tattoo design that will serve you for years to come.

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Playing cards are often used in tattoo designs, either to represent a love of playing or to illustrate a greater significance. The most commonly tattooed card is the Ace of Spades. In most games, the suit of Spades is higher than other suits and the Ace card is highest of all cards. Therefore, the Ace of Spades, being both the highest card and highest suit, beats all other cards.

Why Tribal Tattoo is the Latest Fashion


It is also known as the Death Card by some people because Vietnam vets wore it in their helmets. Some would leave the card on the body of those they killed. People who feel powerful or aspire to dominate in all aspects of their life would be drawn to the Ace of Spades tattoo. Players especially understand the importance of this card, because it is the highest ranking card in nearly all variations of poker. Holding the Ace of Spades gives you the upper hand.

Traditional Suits of card tattoos
The most common design among card tattoos uses the visual representation of one of the standard 52 playing cards. The specific card is generally chosen for personal reasons: a lucky draw, for instance, or other personal affinity to a specific suit and number. Creative interpretations of these designs can incorporate personal portraits into the “face cards” of a given suit — a self-portrait in the place of the Queen of Hearts card, for example. Easily the most popular of the card tattoo designs are the Ace of Spades and Joker cards, which can be found in numerous shapes and sizes.

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To add originality to your design, select a specific style and coloration for your tattoo, such as an aged sepia-tone shade or bright-colored new-card effect. Include any symbols, such as Chinese characters, flames, lotuses, tribal designs or any other customized peripheral elements to help distinguish your specific tattoo.

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The Queen of Hearts is a character from Alice in Wonderland. She represents oppression and tyranny. Sometimes, a Queen of Hearts tattoo can symbolize perseverance against drawbacks and difficulties. A Joker tattoo often represents a wild or lucky chance. In poker, the Joker is often used as a wild card. Players can use this card as a sort of loophole, changing this free card to be any one they need.

Many People Says That 4 Leaf Clover Tattoo Designs Is Symbols of Good Luck

This is a popular tattoo for those requiring luck or who like to take chances. With a Joker tattoo, they will always come out on top because they will always have whatever they need. Good hands or winning hands, like the Royal Flush, also make great tattoo designs. Gamblers and poker fanatics often get tattoos of winning hands as good luck charms.

Most Popular Forms of Tattoo Arm Designs

Card tattoos come in an assortment of styles. From traditional to new school and realistic to abstract and modern, there are endless artistic variations. Although the traditional deck involves two colors, red and black, tattoo designs often use different colors, either of symbol significance or simply design aesthetics. Likewise, the Kings, Queens, and Jacks are tattooed in all manner of styles.

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