Evil Clown Tattoos Designs And Meaning

Evil Clown Tattoos
Decipher the deep meaning behind wearing evil clown tattoos. They reflect the dark side of human nature and are much contrary to the symbolic clown. Read on to know the truth.

these tattoos are not for the faint hearted. Evil clown tattoos are for those who like to joke, but joke sinisterly. Their jokes are not meant to make anyone but themselves laugh. Their sole purpose in life is to mock society and its workings and to target the fragile, futile threads by which their fabric hangs.

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if you are the kind that likes to crack jokes in the middle of serious conversations about unrelated things or about issues that are not funny at all, then you are a prime candidate for these tattoos. If you like to argue all the time, if you are too impatient to enter in-depth discussions, and if you are intolerant of others’ opinion, you are welcome with open arms to use this tattoo.

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Evil clown tattoos like any other tattoo can be placed on any part of the body according to size. If you want it to be eye-catching, (any way tattoos are meant for that) apply them in such a way that people can see it. So you have to get the design right, otherwise it will turn out to be a mockery.

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Since your evil clown tattoo should have that ‘evil’ look you should pay attention to the smile of the clown too. Your clown should wear a creepy smile. Otherwise your very intention of getting the tattoo done would be in vain. Just imagine your clown with a friendly smile. The meaning itself would change. You should also pay attention while choosing the skin color of your clown. Choose a reddish tone, if you really want that evil look for your tattoo. You can do additions to your design to get the sinister look. For example, you can apply a design wherein flames come up from his hair.


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Tattoos are ways for people to express themselves. While some people feel they are trashy others feel they show who they are. Some people get tattoos with no meanings and others get things that have a meaning to them. It is important to understand that tattoos are permanent and removing them is expensive and does not always work.

Evil Clown Tattoo Meaning

Evil clown tattoos reflect the darker side of human nature. Clowns sometimes represent fear and fright. Clowns with scary faces and dreadful features are depicted in the tattoos. One of the deepest meaning behind clown tattoos is to overcome the fear of clowns. People sometimes have a strange fear for clowns, they find them frightening and this fear deep inside them is known as coulrophobia. They try to overcome this fear by engraving evil clown tattoos on their body. This is just a way of attacking fear head-on.

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Evil clown tattoos also reflect criminal bent of mind. Dark aspects like treachery, murder and inhuman acts are depicted by evil clown tattoos. People under negative vibes usually wear evil clown tattoos. It also reflects gloom and sadness. Sometimes evil clown tattoos symbolize suppressed evil desires and violence. The intensity of the evil traits differs depending on type of tattoos. Tattoos with extremely scary clowns symbolize characters with extreme violence in them.

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