Jesus Christ and Christianity Tattoos Designs

When many people think of a Christian tattoo, they think of Jesus tattoos. The image of Jesus is one that is known all over the world, and it can make a breathtaking tattoo image.

A tattoo of Jesus Christ can be a small figure with little detail other than an outline and perhaps some robe details. This is generally enough to identify Jesus tattoos for the figure they represent.

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Some people opt for a far more elaborate figure of Jesus with plenty of color and detail. This can include the facial features of Jesus, plenty of beard details, the folds of his robes and even his sandals. These detailed tattoos may feature the kind eyes of Jesus that are a symbol of his loving nature.

You can get a variety of designs. What is most extraordinary is that these generally appear with an image of Christ crucified on the cross. These passion tattoos are prevalent and a good choice. Some people find them too powerful though and get another design.

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Another image is just a head shot of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns. He is often shown weeping in these tattoos, and a brief slogan may be incorporated above or below his head.

You might also consider just getting a cross tattooed, or even a Christian fish. If you’re looking for a smaller design these do well.

Catholics also like the sacred heart design. You can get just the heart inked, or include it in another tattoo. It can be a good symbol for you.

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The person wearing a Jesus tattoo may try to find inspiration from Christ in getting the inspiration for bearing the burden of life. Some try to find solace in the Jesus tattoos they wear – his passion for us is inspiring, his death tragic, but in the end his love is there. It’s comforting.

Some also wear these tattoos because they like it and it is one of the most popular forms of tattoos. There’s nothing wrong with that either. For many people who want a tattoo but can’t decide on what to get, they could do much worse than have a reminder of Jesus’ love on their body.


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