Dreamcatcher Tattoos Designs And Meanings – Dream Catcher The Native American Symbols of Tattoos Art

What Is a Dreamcatcher?

Consisting of a loop and a woven net, a dreamcatcher resembles a spider web. Strips of leather holding beads, feathers, crystals, stones, and other items hang from the loop.

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Talisman against harm and evil, Dreamcatcher tattoos are associated with Native American symbols to have a great body art. They have been admired as the most popular form of art that is symbolic of protection.

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The present day generation have grown profound interest in the image of these tattoos on the whole.   Even, a large number of body art enthusiasts view them as the most cherish able art interpretation.



According to the Anishinabe, it is Spider Woman whom we can thank for the dreamcatcher.  Until her people spread to distant lands, she journeyed to every new infant in their cradleboard to weave her magical protective web.  As the people migrated however,  Spider Woman eventually had difficulty getting to all the cradleboards.  Mothers,  sisters, and grandmothers took over, creating their dreamcatchers by using willow for the hoop, leather to wrap the hoop, and sinew or cordage for the net.  In some versions, the number of points where the web connects to the hoop numbers eight for Spider Woman’s eight legs.  In the early 1900s, a traditional dreamcatcher  among the Anishinabe had no feathers or beads and was only about three inches in diameter, a size one might expect if dangled from a baby’s cradleboard.

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Though many people today use dreamcatchers as decorations, dreamcatchers are actually full of meaning and symbolism. Dreamcatchers were first created by the Ojibwa Nation, also known as the Chippewa or Anishinabe, and used to ward off bad dreams. Once upon a time, the Ojibwa believed that Spider Woman visited newborn babies and spun a protective web around the cradle, ensuring the infant had only sweet dreams. After the tribe became more nomadic, they feared the Spider Woman might not be able to find the babies. They, of course, needed a substitute method of wiping out nightmares. Dreamscatchers were soon created. Unlike the modern, decorative versions, the original amulets were small and unadorned.


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Native Americans have been weaving Dream Catchers for thousands of years.  The earliest examples may have been woven by the nimble fingers of the Ojibeway people. Small willow hoops holding the spider-web weave were hung over the cradles of children. They believed that the web caught hold of everything evil, while sweet dreams passed down to the sleeping infant along the soft feathers that were attached. But other interpretations and oral traditions have come down from different tribes of First Nations.

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These early dreamcatchers were not very decorative. The believed the woven net caught bad dreams like a spider’s web catches prey. This protective charm soon caught on to other Native American tribes.

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are very popular today. For men, they are a popular choice for an arm tattoo. Women may choose a smaller version on their shoulder or back. Dreamcatchers are ideal to match with other tattoos, such as beads, eagles, flowers, wolves, and the sun. They can be used in a larger Native American landscape scene.

Like with many other Native American symbols, make sure you fully understand its meaning and history before inking a dreamcatcher tattoo design onto your body.

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There are many stories related to Dreamcatcher Tattoos, the Native American symbols. A resource of myth says that a spider, who was an epitome of wisdom, revealed the secrets of the life cycle of the human beings to the Lakota tribe spiritual leader. When the spider was speaking the wiser side, it actually spun a web across the hoop of the spiritual leader. The perfect woven web then symbolizes the best of times in the future with the hole at the centre for bad times to pass through it.  This is why, people generally opt these tattoos. They not only ensure them good dreams and help in chasing away the bad ones.
The Lakota legend tells of a vision that came to their spiritual leader.


He encountered ‘the great teacher of wisdom’ disguised as a spider, who spoke to him of the life-cycle of the human.  While the wise one talked, he spun a web across the elder’s willow hoop.  The perfect circle of the web symbolized the catcher and holder of good ideas, while the hole in the centre allowed the bad ones to pass through.  Dream Catchers soon found their place above the sleeping people, catching the good dreams and sending the evil ones away down the hole in the centre.

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Now, if you have decided to opt for these Native American symbols, you must decide where exactly to sport it.  For men, they make a perfect place on the arm and for women it is shoulder.  Great going for culturally sensitive people, Dreamcatcher tattoos as the Native American symbols hold sacred meaning in their lives.

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