Australian Tattoo Designs – Meanings of Aboriginal Tattoo Designs

Aborigines are the indigenous native population of Australia. For thousands of years developed the different tribes and groups, cultures in complete isolation from the outside world, and often each other. Art is a huge part of their culture, both traditional, religious and personal significance. Aboriginal art is used in traditional ceremonies and rituals.
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Aboriginal people are those who are from Australia, and they have the unique cultural aspects, including indigenous tattooing. For a number of years, all from different groups and tribes with unique cultures, which were completely different from the others in the world and their environment. Art Bears great importance to them and that is religious, personal and traditional.

The dreams and nature are very important in Aboriginal culture. Symbols of these important aspects, as well as many others, have passed from ancestors and the ancestors are of great importance to the various groups that use them. Furthermore, in some tribes, designs and symbols of a single artist are inherited, and only those artists, the sole owner and may prefer to use.

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Implementation of the Aboriginal population is generally used in rituals and traditional ceremonies. The work is usually done on people, on the bark of trees, rocks and sand. Is probably the oldest art form of painting the body are affected as much as the Aborigines, and is still the case today.

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Aboriginal art is traditionally drawn or painted on trees, on stone, bark, sand, and to humans. Most likely, body painting is the oldest art form among the aborigines and continues today. Body painting, tattoos, such as drawings and symbols used to adorn the human form. Aboriginal designs are often costly and complex, with lines, hatching and dots in patterns and beautiful photos. These models use a few colors, because of the finite natural resources, such as blood, mud and ash. Bark painting is the latest way to Aboriginal art and probably developed from Body Painting. Some modern Aboriginal artists use canvas and synthetic colors, too.

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Body painting, just as in tattoos, made use of symbols and designs for the human forms to decorate. Aboriginal designs are generally complex and expensive, and makes use of the Cross begin, make dots and lines, beautiful pictures and patterns. The designs use only a few colors, as are the nature reserves such as ash, clay and blood is not in abundance.
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Because the nature and the dream so important to their culture, the indigenous clans often have these images in their art. The landscapes are often used to tell stories or dreams, and are often depicted in aerial photographs. Another artistic tradition is to show the inside of animals in outline form. Terrestrial animals, birds and fish are often drawn with a visible skeleton and organs. Similarly, human females are sometimes shown with uterine visible.

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Sometimes the artists are their hands as stencils to present a different picture, as painted an impression of the palm like a bird. This illustrates the relationship between nature and himself, which is important in Aboriginal culture. In Aboriginal art, people are usually found associated with nature, sometimes turn into nature.

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A significant proportion of Aboriginal art is a privately known only to the particular clan it creates. For this reason, Aboriginal art has two meanings. The first is the general knowledge of symbols within and outside the culture is known. Sometimes these symbols are obvious, other times the group has reported from this aspect of their culture with foreigners.

The second is the private meaning for the specific strain, he is divided against known and not to third parties, including other indigenous peoples. This meaning is personal and religious, the only members of the panel and will be kept secret. To keep those secrets, art historians believe the artist including most points, a distinctive feature of Aboriginal art as a way to hide and disguise the real meaning is the art and not merely as an aspect decorative. Others think the issues are important in themselves and are not intended to cover cultural secrets, but have their own hidden meaning. The Aborigines did not show the true faith, and modern Aboriginal artists continue to integrate these highlights of their work.

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Modern tattoo designs indigenous to these historical techniques. Although most of the traditional Aboriginal not about tattoos as part of their manners, some tribes use ritual scarification or cutting, to beautify their bodies more permanently. Non-Aboriginal people continue to practice scarification, tattoos are the most popular method to achieve those looks indigenous.

Much of the work of art of the Aborigines is private and only a certain clan, who knows, it does. Thus providing Aboriginal art has two meanings. The first step is to learn the symbols in the rule, both outside and inside the culture. In some cases, the symbols must be visible, while in other cases the group, she explains that this part of sharing their unique culture, with people from the outside world. The second, on the other side is the particular strain, it comes from is known and is disclosed to any other person and includes other Aboriginal people.

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It means the religious and personal and is only for a certain group and thus remains a mystery. To keep these secrets, the historian of the art world believe that the points more than the artists associated with a distinctive Aboriginal art, which is a way to hide and conceal the true meaning of the work and not is only for decorative purposes. For some of the points on their own and their use is not significant for the cultural secrets of camouflage, but come with their own meaning secret.

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