Viking Tattoo Designs – Great Story and Meaning Behind Viking Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art deals not only with beautiful images to cover your skin, but also help people express themselves. It is highly symbolic and sometimes it requires deep knowledge of other lands’ culture and history to translate the meaning of a small tat.
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Historically there is little evidence that the Scandinavian Vikings used tattoos to express themselves. However, the Rus Vikings seem to have tattooed themselves according to Ahmad Ibn Fadlan an Arabic diplomat who encountered Rus Vikings while visiting the Bulgars in 922 AD.

According to his observations the Vikings were tattooed from the fingertips to their shoulders with green trees. It is important to note, however, that the Arabic word used to describe the color can also mean dark blue or black.

It is more likely that the color observed by Fadlan was either of these dark ones since the Vikings used wood ash for coloring.
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The pattern that Fadlan described as being trees, is probably more likely to be the typical knot pattern that was common in Scandinavia and England. This knot work is also common in modern Celtic design tattoos .

Viking tattoos belong to this group as well. They open a door to the world of unknown and the world of mystery, evoke the image of a brave warrior in our minds and remind us of those remote times when it was a great deal to explore in our world, and Vikings did a lot in this field.

Vikings were the Scandinavian folks who lived in the north of Europe in a snowy area with rather a tough climate. When we think about Vikings the first thing that comes into our mind is their famous longships, which were their main means of transportation, for both warring affairs and trade. They visited a lot of places through their history; they travelled to Constantinople and swan along the Volga river. They were not afraid of long voyages and reached such places as Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland. Perhaps it was Vikings who discovered North America first.
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These styles tend to display the female viking standing by herself, weapon in hand, and posing somewhat; however, you may see her battling with one more female viking, or overtaking a sizable male viking. One of the hottest pirate tattoo meant to indicate an actual Viking warriors. Positive, you’ve got a bird along with a snake’s head and the expression of two projections as opposed to multiple images with the Viking Age helmet, they may be not utilized in fight, completely various appear. Imagine an aged hillside in Ireland, Scotland or even the Viking lands, an historical higher standing celtic cross in foreground. In the event you don’t come across the Cultural Viking tattoo you want, check out one of our advised galleries by choosing which beneath.

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They open a door to the globe of not known and also the globe of mystery, evoke the picture of the brave warrior in our minds and remind us of people remote times when it was a great deal to explore in our world, and Vikings did a good deal in this discipline. Usually these depict a simple skull or skeleton dressed in the viking garb, and carrying major weapons. For that Nordic vikings, you could see a comparable layout, but with rune symbols.

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