Leaf Tattoo The Natural Design With Great Meaning

Hello guys, here I have new design, it’s all about leaf tattoo. Oke lets start with the meaning of it, In religious symbolism, the leaf represents truth and honesty.  In nature, the leaf provides oxygen and eliminates harmful carbon monoxide.  The leaf absorbs sunlight and creates nutrition for the plant, which in tern creates nutrition for creatures that consume the plant, tree, and leaves.
tribal maple leaf tattoo design
Leaf tattoos can symbolize the coming of spring and summer or signal fall and winter.  The Olive leaf was sacred to the Greeks and represented victory and triumph.  The Celts and Druids praised the Oak tree and believed its leaves were powerful, aiding strength, wisdom, and long-life.  In heraldry, or Coat of Arms, leaves mean happiness, faith, or endurance.
best leaf tattoo designcool leaf tattoo for men


cute leaf tattoodesign in backfallen leaf tattoo design

In Canada, the Maple leaf is a national symbol and is front and center on their flag.  Maple trees, which are used to create Maple syrup, are common all over New England and are representative of states like Massachusetts and Vermont.  Tattoos of Maple leaves can portray patriotism and pride for these regions.

leaf tattoo design on neckleaf tattoo with great design


coolest maple leaf tattoo for menleaf tattoo design


Maple leaves can also be incorporated into larger designs featuring other symbolic images, like hockey sticks or a moose.  The Red Maple is the state tree of Rhode Island and the Sugar Maple is the state tree of several other states.  The Japanese Maple, a beautiful tree, is popular all over the world, but Maple leaves are a significant element in traditional Japanese tattoos.  Maple leaves are associated with gifts and honor in China, while in Japan they are connected with October and gifts of love.
cute leaf tattoocute leaf tatto design
So after looking for each meaning we know that leaf tattoos can represent a variety of things.  Leaves are clearly connected with the circle of life and change.  Each year, a tree buds leaves, become filled with life and color, and then the leaves turn into vibrant colors before falling.  A budding leaf tattoo can symbolize new life or a renewal of life.  A fall leaf, of brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows might personify a good life, well-lived, that could end at any moment.  A dead, crumpled, or brown leaf represents death, passing, or the end.
And then guys it is have a great meaning, and have great design to take, so are you interested to take it ? well before make a tattoo please learn it before.



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