Essential Tattoo Equipment Required for Setting up a Tattoo Studio

There are several tattoo equipment and supplies that are required during a tattooing process. If you are a beginner, then this article will help you to learn about basic tattoo supplies that are essential for any tattoo studio.

Tattoo equipment is the prime requisite for any tattoo artist to carry on his profession smoothly and safely. There are several items that a professional tattoo artist needs during tattooing process. Any one new to tattoo artwork must understand that though there are several suppliers in the market, offering tattoo equipment and supplies, one must opt for reputed suppliers who have been into this business for long and enjoy desired market credibility.


If you are planning to set up a tattoo studio, then you must know about important tattoo equipment that is essential for setting up a studio. Following are some of the basic items that any tattoo artist must have in his studio:


Liner tattoo machine: It is a tool that is used for making the outlines of a tattoo. It features small and sharp needles that make sharp and precise outlines.

Shader: It is a tattoo machine that is specifically used for coloring or shading a tattoo once it has been outlined. Unlike liner machine, it features larger needles that deliver more power in order to cover larger areas of the skin while tattooing.

These tattoo machines generally come in the price range of $150 to $700 or even higher depending on several factors like manufacturer, features, and whether they are “original make” or “customized.”

Liner needles or round : These can be purchased in different size range like 3 Round, 4 Round, 5 Round, 7 Round, and even higher. Depending on the specs of the tattoo, different size needles are used.

Shader needles or mags : There are generally variety of needles used for shaders including 5 Magnum, 7 Magnum, 9 Magnum, 11 Magnum, and higher. Different sizes are available for different types of tattoo work.

These professional tattoo needles come in boxes of 10, 50, or even 100 quantities. The price range is often between $8 to $30 or more, depending on the manufacturer and quantity ordered.


There are hundreds of varieties of tattoo ink available. Any tattoo artist would like to have all possible shades with him to ensure the best-quality tattoo. Make sure that you have at least all the common colors like red, blue, green, black, yellow, orange, white and purple. Often experienced tattoo artists mix different shades to create new colors and hence save money.

Tattoo ink is sold for an average of $20 per bottle. However, there are some price break offers for bulk buying. It is always better to go for superior quality ink because any cheap ink can impair the quality of the tattoos.

Other essential items


Tattoo Equipment Required for Setting up a Tattoo Studio 300×272 Essential Tattoo Equipment Required for Setting up a Tattoo StudioSome other items that are required by a tattoo artist include tattoo ink cups, disposable grips, stainless steel grips and other tattoo accessories.


Apart from these tattoo equipment and supplies, you also need to make arrangement for power supplies that are specially designed for tattoo machines and certain furniture items like chairs, arm rests, head rests and more for your studio.

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