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Chinese Tattoo Symbols

A tattoo is an art of body piercing which has taken new heights of popularity on a very fast pace. The recognition of this body designing art has even looked upon as a tradition not just as a style factor but also a new way to define the personality of an individual. There are many designs which have gathered wide spread appreciation and amongst them Chinese tattoo symbols too hold a high rate of acclamation. In such a creative art of body scribbling what counts the most is the flexibility that it holds to place a tattoo on any desired place or space of the skin for an individual. This is because this concept clearly depends on the whims and desires of the tattoo lover as to where he or she needs a pattern to be imprinted.

In the art of body tattooing, you will notice that the Chinese tattoo symbol for love has been widely utilized and reused all over again for centuries, in a lot of images, symbols and art forms.  The Chinese character that symbolizes love overlaps with other symbolic icons of love and emerge as the winner in terms of popularity.


You will find other Chinese symbols, such as the Chinese symbol pertaining to the word strength, the one referring to the symbol for hope, and many others.  But in this article, you will be more oriented about the Chinese symbol used for love and its corresponding meaning.  For your awareness, Chinese symbols have recorded a history of about 100,000 years.


If you think that Chinese tattoo symbol for love is an easy thing to write as a symbol, then, you may be wrong.  This type of symbolism has actually developed in different forms for many years.  History will tell you that a lot of Chinese symbols pertaining to love possess varying levels of intricacies.  This is because of the variations in the form of simplified writing style and traditional writing style.

Chinese tattoo symbols have well generated and defined meanings that makes it more popular amongst both the sections of the society. The inscriptions or the quote that this category bears in the design or a pattern, offers a clear meaning about the essence it holds in the mind of a tattoo lover. But what matters the most is to incur before hand the depth of the words and the phrases or clause selected for placing it on the body of an individual. This is because many a times it is seen that a phrase falling in this category have created wide spread provocations where an individual tried to wear it to collect some desired appreciation but ended with sarcastic comments and remarks. So such an ambiguity or a discrepancy can be avoided by knowing the exact meaning of the frames and words before scribbling in on the body.


The color code and the cool shade that Chinese tattoo symbols bear adds more shines and value to this category. The creativity of a tattoo expert can be found in real depth and awesome meaning while perceiving and observing a particular pattern or a design. The glossy look embedded with the stunning color combination adds new definition to personify an individual who wears it. Nevertheless, such designs are appreciated by both males and females and they leave no point to unravel while placing it on their strategically placed parts of the body. For such a category the ladies or the teenage girls seems to have shred their inhibitions by placing a design on their lower back, private parts, thighs, neck, arms and even on the belly button.

Traits of a female behavior and character can easily be personified and observed in Chinese tattoo symbols. They seem to offer am meaning of their brave and guts through this category of tattoos. Promiscuity, seductiveness and lust are clearly visible on the words or phrases they dare to scribble as a tattoo on their soft and sexy bodies. But no matter what an observer perceives after feeling at these ways of expressing a personal belief but these tattoo designs have never lost it fame and acceptance.

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