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Meaning of Mythical Creatures Tattoos

Images from Myths and legends have always been popular for strong tattoo designs. Those styles that are used the most are of the mythical creatures as they are easily recognised and usually have a really good story behind them.

Dragons – In the West the dragon symbolizes luck and power; ensures fertility for crops and cattle. In the East in has a different meaning. More on Chinese Dragon Tattoos.

Phoenix – Symbolizes the sun, metaphysical rebirth, resurrection and immortality.

Serpent – is symbolical of deity, eternity represented by the forming a circle with tail in mouth, renovation and resurrection: the old becomes young and guardian spirits seen in Greek and Roman temple altars.

Pegasus – Pegasus is a mighty winged horse of Greek myth. According to legend, Pegasus sprang forth from drops of blood when Perseus cut off the head of Medusa. The word spring means three things; a leap; the source of water, source of something; and the season in which plants spring up and grow.

Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaids were used in hundreds if not thousands of old nautical tattoo designs. Mermaids are from the Greek myth of Jason, they used to sing to the sailors who passed their rocks trying to make them jump into the sea and ultimately to their death. Jason had to his crew’s ears with wax as well as his own, so he didn’t hear their deadly song. Sailors used to have them as designs to symbolise their love for their significant women in their lives or family members.

Today, men and women favour this tattoo design. Men often use it as the ancient sailors did, and maybe put a pin up style girl into the design to make it a bit more quirky. Whereas, women will use sometimes use it to signify themselves to remind them of the inner strength they posses or even perhaps as a warning to future partners that they must beware of this dangerous but beautiful woman!

Nevertheless, since the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’, their symbolism has softened to one of beauty, strength and is chosen by those who love the sea and hate to leave it.


Centaur Tattoo Designs

These majestic creatures have the torso of a human and the bodies of a horse. They are used in many fantastical stories not just in ancient myths, they are usually seen as an ancient people who spend their lives studying the stars and are incredibly wise. Many people have now heard of them because of the use of them in the Harry Potter books and films, but their origins are in Greek and Roman theology.

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