Mystical Tattoo Design

Mystical  Creature Tattoos Design

Mythical tattoos depicting creatures such dragons, serpents, phoenixes and pegasus are becoming a new feature amongst many people according to Matt Nunnelee who put together an exhibition entitled A Thousand Words, which featured various tattoo artists interpreting folklore.

If you look at mythical creatures such as dragons and serpents they have been around for thousands of years and are steeped in meaning. Many people believe that this mythical realm where these so called creatures exist is as valid as our 3 dimensional consensus reality if not more so.


Not only that but these creatures have been appropriated by the military industrial complex and can be seen everywhere from banks, to the medical establishment and much military insignia. It seems too much of a coincidence that these powerful organizations would use these mythical creatures purely based on the fact that they look good!




Many psychologists claim that certain ancient symbols and creatures are etched in our collective unconscious and are imbued with an almost magical power to reactivate ‘cellular memories’. Then there are those really way out theories that claim these mythical creatures could be beings from the future and NOT from the mists of time as is generally believed.


Perhaps one of the biggest myths being promulgated is that myths are just that. Who knows what unconscious memories are being reawakened when one encounters a dragon or phoenix. Modern life seems devoid of this level of meaning and this may partly explain why dragons, serpents, the phoenix and an endless array of mythical creatures are popping up everywhere as tattoos.



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