Cute Fairy Tattoos Design For Women

Have decided to make fairy tattoo, please read this one and make the tattoo.
The symbolism of fairy tattoos is vast and can mean everything from childlike innocence to spirituality, feminine strength to the forces of nature. In modern times, these dainty, brightly-winged creatures are seen as girlish figures. however, throughout history fairies have appeared in a number of guises – some of them being sweet and pretty, others being dark and brooding.

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beautiful fairy tattoo

Most fairy tattoos have a distinctly feminine slant, which often depicts these folkloric creatures as small, sprightly girls that bear large, colorful wings. This particular design is often made to look similar to folk art, and often shows the fairy sitting atop a limb or lounging across the back or stomach of the wearer. Many people prefer to pick a particular color theme for their fairy such as varying shades of blue, red or purple, but a more unique touch would be to show the wings and costume of the fairy in a rainbow pattern. A variation on this would be to make the wings look like stained glass with a bit of sunlight shining through.

blue dance fairy tattoo

Cartoon-like fairy tattoos are another popular option. Although the cartoon fairy may be shown individually or in a traditional manner, many prefer to create larger scenes or show the fairy in a more unusual light. Scenes may show this creature flitting through a mystical forest or whispering into the ear of a peasant child. Unusual depictions may show the fairy as a curvy pin up model, a spunky flapper girl or tough punk rocker chick. Although fairy pieces are frequently worn by women, some men also enjoy the cartoon variety, as this particular style shows the more sensuous side of this creature.
cute fairy tattoo

fairy tattoo with optomal design
Fairy tattoos have a nostalgic appeal for those who remember childhood fondly and wish to keep the images of childhood part of their lives on an ongoing basis. In that sense, fairy tattoos are a symbol of our youth.
fairy tattoo star party
The fairy is a female mythological figure that has magical powers and originates from Celtic mythology. Usually they are small, beautiful creatures with transparent wings, a green dress and a human appearance.
fairy tattoo design
They live in wonderland and can take people there as well. According to legend, there is little consensus regarding how big fairies were, and how human-like they were in form. The small, Tinkerbell-type fairy is only one interpretation.
flower fairy tattoo
The supernatural powers of the fairy include:

* Flying
* Casting spells
* Foreseeing and influencing the future

Here some fairy story of the dark side of the fairy :
Some are scary, read on okey,
cute green fairy tattoo

The origins of fairies are not very clear, there are several beliefs of what fairies really are:
•    A popular belief is that fairies are the dead.
•    Another belief is that they are a kind of degraded angel.
•    Others view them as an intelligent species, different from angels and humans. They used to live on the British islands, but were forced into hiding.
•    Yet another belief is that they were devils.
pray fairy tattoo
Like I told you, not all fairy tattoos are as innocent as they look. Fairies have a touch of evil, a dark side – in fact, these mythical creatures are far more likely to be mischievous or even fearsome. Among medieval societies fairies were feared.

fairy tinkerbell tattoo
According to legend fairies would do things like:
•    Steal a baby and leave one of their own in its place (changeling).
•    Abduct older people.
•    They could poison livestock and ruin a harvest.
•    Fairies can even be deadly if a human falls in love with one.
In short, they were to be respected and feared. So while there are some pretty and cute fairy tattoos, there are also evil fairy tattoos that are decidedly Gothic in tone and appearance.

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