Fleur De Lis Tattoos Designs And Meaning

For the most part Fleur De Lis means “Flower of the Lilly” and is a symbol that for the most part is more often known to have been generated from royal families to indicate “Royality” and “Power”.

The phrase Fleur De Lis means lily flower and it has been used as a royal emblem for many countries for centuries. The symbol arrived in the America’s with the French settlers. Since that time, it has become a symbol for many American cities that have a French history.

Some of the most notable of these French Fleur de Lis cities are in Louisiana, a state once colonized by France. So if you have a French family heritage, you might be interested in choosing this symbol for your tattoo.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the symbol has had a resurgence as a symbol of New Orleans and Katrina survivors in particular. It was and still is used to symbolize the solidarity of the people of New Orleans and their resilience in spite of the devastation of Katrina.

Getting a Fleur de Lis tattoo is a great way to show your pride in the city.

The Fleur de Lis has held religious meaning as well. It has been associated with the Virgin Mary and as a symbol for the virtue of purity. The symbol was sometimes used in depictions of the Virgin Mary.

It is also used widely in architecture. They were used as decorative and practical on fence posts. Their design makes them excellent deterrents for anyone trying to climb over a fence with these perched on top of the posts.

So if you are looking for a spiritual symbol, or you just enjoy the Fleur de Lis design, again the Fleur de Lis tattoo is a great choice.
The Fleur de Lis is a widely used symbol for many organizations. The most well known is probably the New Orleans Saints. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Fleur de Lis has been used for all types of organizations from the boy scouts, to fraternities, to gangs (where ironically enough, they tattoo the Fleur de Lis on their cheek!).

You can also get a Fleur de Lis tattoo to show your school spirit. It is used by many universities as part of their school emblems. This is especially true for many schools and universities in Louisiana.

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