Dandelion Tattoos Designs And Meaning

Facts about Dandelion Tattoo Meaning
In the Victorian-era Language of the Flowers (which all my tattoos, present and future are based on) dandelions mean “Wishes come true.”
The french word for dandelion means pee in the bed.
Dandelion means stubbornness, tenacity? they’re one of the hardest weeds to get rid of; they have very deep roots. plus the lovely airborne-seed thing.

I know this is an old post but in case you were still interested, dandelions have sereral meanings. Love’s oracle, faithfulness and according to some sites coquetry.

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In dream interpretation, this was extended more, such that a dream of this flower was taken to be a sign of misfortune, presence of enemies and deceit on the part of loved ones.

This is my first tattoo. I got the seedlings that fly off of a dandelion because I am a “military brat”, and the official flower of military brats is a dandelion. This represents the rooting and uprooting that each move brings, allowing me to set my “roots” wherever I go.

a dandelion. the meaning to me is finding beauty in what other people discard, because I’ve always loved dandelions regardless that they’re considered a weed and not a flower.

The dandelion is the official flower of military brats. You know, blows where the wind takes it, takes up root anywhere. I believe that a large contributor to my personality is my growing up as an army brat. Taught me how to make friends quickly and made certain i would never have trouble coming out of my shell. I knew this was something symbolic that I would love to have as a tattoo. But I didn’t want a flower tattoo.

In the gallery of tattoos Dandelions can discover this particular plant, if you do not know what it is. You’ve probably encountered one of these at some point in your life. As a child, for example, have probably played “undress” with a strong blow and then you may have noticed how their distinctive petals away with the wind.

It’s nice as that memory is a tattoo of Dandelion, which is me, as I said, very feminine. It is a delicate design, full of poetry. Women often choose to place it on his back, the shoulder height. I think it looks really cool there, especially when the image reflects a dandelion to the breeze which is shedding its petals.

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