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Dandelion Tattoos Designs And Ideas

The thing about dandelions is that they are such a strong part of youth. Every child can’t resist them. They are fascinating and interactive and just so perfectly fun. And then we grow up and dandelions become less interesting and you walk by them all the time and never stop to actually blow on one.

You remember how fun it was but you still are too busy to have fun. And something like this reminds us that there is joy in youth that ought to be cherished and not lost when we’re older.

To me it’s more than the old cliche ot take time and smell the flowers, it’s a reminder to take time and smell the flowers the way you did when you were young. Because that’s when the world was most beautiful of all.”
a dandelion. the meaning to me is finding beauty in what other people discard, because I’ve always loved dandelions regardless that they’re considered a weed and not a flower.

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The dandelion is the official flower of military brats. You know, blows where the wind takes it, takes up root anywhere. I believe that a large contributor to my personality is my growing up as an army brat. Taught me how to make friends quickly and made certain i would never have trouble coming out of my shell. I knew this was something symbolic that I would love to have as a tattoo. But I didn’t want a flower tattoo.

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