Wiccan Tattoos Designs And Meaning

Many people assume that wiccan tattoos signify a Satanic cult that worships the devil, but this is a completely unjustified misconception. Wicca is a very secretive religious practice that believes in the worship of nature through magic. It is not evil in any way, and wiccan tattoos are a great way to display this belief system.

The main focus of Wiccan symbol tattoos is the Goddess because she is the central point of Wicca. There are 3 ways to represent the Goddess in a tattoo, as Mother Earth, the Moon, and Maiden, Mother and Crone. This last image represents the Goddess in all phases of her development and by extension a part of the image of the moon. Other wiccan symbols used for tattoos are the God, the Sun, Moon and Stars, and Pentagrams and other significant elements of Wiccan practice

The mysterious allure that wicca carries has convinced many people to actually go ahead and get wiccan tattoos, without really understanding what the beliefs are, and what practices must be undertaken. Since tattoos have become so popular now, leading to a large base of commonly seen tattoo designs, more and more people are searching for mysterious and new tattoo design ideas.

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This is exactly why wiccan tattoo ideas are becoming such a popular choice, as they greatly increase the glamor quotient and the mysteriousness of an individual. You may also like to learn more about paganism.

Whether you are a practitioner of Wicca or not, there’s no doubt that there is some fabulous imagery involved here that lends itself to creating some awesome tats. Just be sure you understand the meaning of any symbol you might choose to use as a basis for a tattoo, because you’re bound to be asked about it.

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