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Star tattoos : history and designs

The story of the tattoos of stars probably goes back to the days when tattoos were generally gaining popularity and acceptance in the modern culture and have grown into one of the most used and consulted designs today, mainly when female tattoo talk . But perhaps women are most looking tattoos to be tattooed or directly more women than men , because, according to Google searches , most wanted tattoos are precisely Spanish star tattoos .

So now we want to focus on this type of tattoos to see how they became the most wanted and popular , and what kind of designs are the highlights.
Symbolism of star tattoos

Star tattoos are very symbolic and can be varied enough to lend them tattoo a personal touch and a drawing which relate. Is that the stars have been used as a symbol from the history of mankind , when lack of scientific knowledge these luminous objects in the sky were explained through myths or religious sentiments .

So are universal symbols that do not belong to any particular culture and can be adapted to any belief or meaning depending on each.

Tattoo Designs

A common practice is to combine a tattoo of stars with other patterns such as wings , crosses, tribal suns or moons , and can be perfect in any part of the body : the hand , elbow , neck , back or feet .
The nautical star

One of the first designs of tattoos of stars recorded , and that probably caused after the popularization of such tattoos is the nautical star . The nautical star is a symbol associated with the U.S. Navy that was originally used as a mark to designate those who worked in naval navy . For this reason , the nautical star could be considered one of the more masculine designs in tattoos of stars .

The design consists of a 5-pointed star , along which there is a division that is defined by the filling of two different colors on each end , that alternate (usually black and white, or black and red). The symbolism of this star is associated with the North Star that guided mariners , so a nautical star tattoo can symbolize a guide to the future or the search for a path in life.
Shooting Star

Another widely used design is currently shooting star . In our culture the shooting stars are associated with the fulfillment of desires , so it is a very auspicious symbol for tattooing , but it can also mean good luck and even claim the value of the ephemeral, perhaps recalling some point in the life that was very significant but of very short duration .

In terms of design , these tattoos usually have a trail of small star or stardust , which would come to symbolize the brief shooting star , and this allows the tattoo to cover a larger area while maintaining the subtlety .
The Star of Life

The Star of Life is a six-pointed star , usually blue , in whose center is a serpent entwined on a long pole . This design is also linked to an agency of the United States , in this case used by Emergency Medical Services . The serpent and the rod at its center is an ancient Greek symbol representing the medicine and cure diseases and that symbolism is associated and popularized throughout the world .

Whether it’s strong symbolism for its attractive design and its popularization of graphical representation , or the multitude of meanings that can have depending on the individual , star tattoos are one of the best and most varied options when choosing a tattoo and many choose to start them in the habit of marked skin or to accompany other tattoos .

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